The Frenchie Dog

June 7, 2016

Hi everyone! Thought I would write a blog post about the French Bulldog breed giving people a little more information about the frenchie dog breed.  Let's dive right into it!


The frenchie dog breed originated in England and were meant to be breed as mini bulldogs.  They were known to be excellent ratters but are now one of the worlds most popular breeds!  They are friendly, loyal, great with kids, and so much more!


Also, can't forget that they are incredibly cute dogs!

 Frenchies can have a hefty price tag but they are totally worth it!  They are awseome dogs for apartments, great for novice owners, and get are typically very friendly toward other dogs.  Keep in mind that the frenchie dog breed is known to have a good amount of health issues such as skin infections, respiratory problems, and hip issues.  They are great companions, but be prepared to spend some money to keep your new frenchie healthy and happy.


Frenchies are very affectionate and love their humans.  They are cute dogs that are super easy to train and are quite smart as well.  French bulldogs shed, but not a large amount.  Like any breed, shedding has a lot to do with their diet.  They are known to have food allergies so beware of this when buying a french bulldog.  They are cute dogs but do your research on food before buying a frenchie!


When people think of french bulldogs, they often see rather round french bulldogs who are bit overweight.  Frenchies do gain weight rather quickly, but frequent walking and exercise can keep your frenchie fit and healthy.  Also, french bulldogs are not known to bark a lot.  They do bark when playing or if something startles them, but they are not the type of dog to bark at your mail man or howl at dogs walking by your front window.

Another thing to note about the frenchie dog breed is that they do not do well in extreme weather conditions.  They don't do well in the cold, but really really don't do well in the heat.  They have a hard time breathing due to their smushed face and get winded easily.  Long walks in the hot sun is not a good idea.  Swimming is fine but ONLY with a life vest! The majority of french bulldogs do not float or cannot keep them selves above water when swimming.  This is due to them being so top heavy.  They are cute dogs but need a little help when it comes to being active.


Overall the frenchie dog breed is one of the best breeds out there.  There are several different types of french bulldogs and I will address the different types in an upcoming blog post! Stay tuned!


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