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June 6, 2016

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Pet insurance seems to be a rising topic the last few years.   My humans have had insurance for me since day one.  After hearing several horror stories about outlandish pet bills and horrible pet accidents, my humans knew pet insurance was a necessity.  


In fact, the pet insurance we have just came in handy a few days ago.  I stepped on something during my late night walk and my humans thought I had something logged in between my toes.  I was in a lot of pain and they decided it was best to take me to the emergency vet.  After a long night at the emergency room I turned out to be fine.



Long story short, I had to get pain meds, a local anesthetic shot, and a shot of Benadryl in case I was allergic to whatever bit me.  Receiving all of this treatment in a hospital setting ended up costing a bit of money.  The bill total was about $200.  We just recently filed the claim and should be getting about $40-$60 back because insurance covers most things out side of the hospital visit itself.


Before my humans selected their current pet insurance plan they compared quite a few plans and talked to a lot of dog owners.  They came to a conclusion that Healthy Paws Pet Insurance was going to be their final choice.  Once we hear back about our pet insurance claim, I will update this post and let you all know the final amount we got back.


If you are looking to compare pet insurance plans please be sure to check out  They have some detailed information about a wide variety of different plans.  This site really helped my humans make their decision.  Not to mention there are discounts applied if you use their site to compare plans.  There are a dozens of pet insurance companies and I strongly encourage you to do your research and pick the best plan for your pet.  I am sure you want to keep your cute dogs healthy so pet insurance is the way to go.


If you are a frenchie dog like me then you are even more prone to hip problems, skin issues, etc.  These are just a few conditions that I may have to go to the vet for over the course of my life so why not prepare the best I can.  


Your new pup or long time loyal pooch will thank you when you get pet insurance.  They are a big part of your life and accidents DO happen!  Not only will your pet thank you, but your wallet will as well.  Do your research and spread the word!



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