It's Easter & I Am Officially Potty Trained!

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!


Today is Easter and I can not wait to go on an Easter egg hunt and find eggs filled with yummy treats.  I hope everyone has a great day and gets to enjoy time with family and friends.


Anyway...I have been spending a lot of time out side lately.  I have been potty trained using pads on my human's balcony.  Since I have that on lock down, my humans decided to start teaching me how to go to the bathroom outside.  A lot of people ask, how do you potty train your puppy? Well I am here to tell you what worked for me and my recommendations.


As a prerequisite, when your puppy uses the bathroom in the correct spot in your home, yard, or balcony, be sure to use a word such as "potty" or "good potty," so that they associate the word with using the bathroom in the correct spot.  This can help dramatically when training a new pup so they know what you want them to do.


My first day peeing outside was a little "ruff" but it paid off with a little time and patience.


So... The questions are as follow:


How do you potty train dog?




How long does it take to potty train a dog?


Let's find out! 




My humans gave me chicken broth and it was super tasty, so I just kept drinking and drinking. Then they took me on a walk where I met a new friend named Merlin.  

After playing with Merlin for about 15 minutes, I was pooped and decided to drink a bunch of water.  I was getting a bit anxious but then, it just happened, I emptied my bladder. Then I got treated like a king and was told "good potty" probably a dozen times.  It was like heaven.




To recap, my personal recommendation would be to give your puppy as much chicken broth as they want, arrange an outside play date that will wear them out, encourage them to drink water once they are exhausted, and just wait.  I was outside for 4 hours straight before I decided to pee outside for the first time.  Then I got a bunch of treats. 


However, that was not the ONLY way that worked for me!




My next recommendation is for pups that have been trained to sleep in a kennel or crate of some sort.  My parents love to cuddle with me and allow me to sleep in bed with them. However, if they put me in my crate to sleep, I do not mind.  

Every morning when I wake up between 6am and 8am and need to pee a gallon.  So, I would recommend taking your pup outside first thing in the morning because they have been holding their bladder for a long period of time and typically need to pee in the morning.  This method was the most effective for me.  The first day we did this, I peed outside within 5 minutes.


These are just a few puppy potty training tips.


To answer your question, how long does it take for a puppy to potty train a dog?


It could take days, it could take weeks.  It all depends on the dog.  Just remember to potty train them on Pee Pads or a Piddle Place before trying to get them to pee or poop outside.

I recommend the Piddle Place because it will end up saving you boat loads of money and can even be used as a permanent potty solution for indoor dogs.


Since I have spent quite a bit of time out doors lately I thought I would share a few photos of my adventures.

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Thanks so much for keeping up with my adventures and reading my blog!  Hope I provided some good insight for all of you new puppy owners.  Got to go do some laundry now!

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