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February 25, 2016

Well guys, a lot has happened over the last month or so.  I have already learned how to sit and lay down.  I am currently working on "roll over" and almost got it the bag.  My humans bought me lots of new pet supplies, however, due to my amazingly handsome and unique body structure most of the new apparel, harnesses, and collars didn't fit.  So that has been a fun experience.


Valentines day was a success and I received much love from not only my humans, but also my fans via social media.  I got to hang out with my cousin Daisy the cheagle on Feb. 14th and we cuddled and had play date. We are some cute dogs who are best buds!

I also discovered what balloons are, and I aboslutely love them!


I got to meet a bunch of my human's friends over the past month and they even included me in games.  They said I was a bit young, but they allowed me to sit in on a game of Cards Against Humanity anyway.  I decided to team up with my new buddy Chris.  After being allowed to play, I think I have came to a conclusion that I may prefer poker, although I have never played.  I say this because my poker face is on point, as you can tell in the photo below.

In our next posts we will be covering my potty training journey.  


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My following on social media is rapidly growing everyday and I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support.  I'll be posting again soon about my upcoming trip to dog beach and other fun adventures.  Stay tuned!

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